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Co-Hosts, Sandra Harrick and Denise Iwaniw

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Join Denise Iwaniw and Sandra Harrick for their monthly show "On the Road to Heaven".  Enjoy 60 minutes of spiritual conversation about all things near and dear to our hearts.  Be sure to join the fun in the chat room.  Intuitive Counselor/ Healer Sandra says, her spiritual gifts are "all about awakening your soul, healing your spirit, and brightening your life. With her profound gifts of insight, clairvoyance, mediumship, and so much more, she has the innate ability to get right to the point." She supports you in the healing the past, being clear in the present, and going after your future in all areas of your life. Sandra believes everyone can discover their unique path by touching the heart and transforming the soul.

Last Wednesday at 8 Pm EST/7 Pm CST/5 pm PST

On the road to heaven with Denise Iwaniw and sandra harrick